There are too many options and possibilities to list when manufacturing custom toy haulers.

Here are the most popular to get the imagination working.

Additional Payload (aggregate trailer mass)

All trailers can be manufactured to a maximum ATM of 4500KG. Whether this is viable or feasible to you will depend on the intended use of the trailer and the capabilities of the towing vehicle.

Solar Systems

A popular addition to the 12 volt system is the addition of solar charging. This reduced your reliability on battery charging from the towing vehicle. Solar systems can range in sizes and capabilities dependent on the amount of energy required.

Accessory Framing

Internal features such as beds, Kitchenette’s, Shower Cubicle’s, Benches, Seats etc can all be pre framed into the trailer construction for easy installation after sales with your local retailers.

Stand Alone Off Grid Power

Recent technology improvements have opened up the doors for light weight energy storage for the more serious off grid applications.
Coupled with the desired solar panels for successful recharging these systems are designed to be reliable and robust for the long term requirements of being off grid. These systems do get expensive but do have there place for the correct applications of remote touring.

Internal Walls, Partitions, & Doors

There is nothing wrong with an open plan trailer, but if you want a more personalised floor plan Walls / Partitions / Doors can be added to suit your desired outcome.

Additional Personal Access Doors

Coastline Toy Hauler standard feature a personal access door in the location of your choosing. If you require additional doors and various locations that is easily achieved in the build plan.

Side Lift Door

Side lift doors are a great way of opening the internal trailer space while allowing natural light and a fresh breeze to flow through. Side lifts doors are also double acting as side awning for you to relax or work in the shade.

12/24 Volt Systems

Trailer electrical requirements can vary drastically depending on the trailers intended use. Carefully planned out 12/24 volt systems can be customised for something as simple as internal lighting or charging points right through to more serious applications for recovery winches, water pumps etc. Carefully selected fit for purpose deep cycle batteries ensure you have power when needed. Battery charging is obtained from the towing vehicle as a standard feature.

240 Volt Power Supply

Getting a little more serious about creature comforts or the need for mains power is easily achieved by our 240V pre rigging. As a general package including a reverse cycle split system air conditioner, internal slimline led lighting, internal power points, necessary switching, safety switches, circuit boards, and a external 15 amp point of attachment.

All 240V electrical systems are installed and tested by licensed electrical contractors to Australian Electrical Standards.

Fresh Water Storage

(Requires 12v rigging if using electric pump) Fresh water storage is always going to be a welcome addition to any custom trailer.

Whether being used for a simple tap to wash your hands or for more serios fixtures such as showers and toilets, fresh water on demand can be a homely feature easily installed to your new trailer.

Windows (integrated)

The benefits of windows are fairy obvious. With a range of different sizes the ability to introduce natural light and fresh air into your trailer is a top pick for any trailer option. Integrated windows come with a built in fly screen and blind for privacy.

Recovery Winches

(Floor Mount or Floor Recessed) If you have any intention of recovering unserviceable vehicles your trailer a 12/24v winch will make light work of it. Available is various sizes to recover small to large vehicles.

Internal Wall Linings

For a truly homely finish there is no better option than mirror imaging the exterior finish to the inside wall frames. This option gives the benefit of a superior finished appeal and also creates an internal void which can be insulated for trailers in cold and hot climates.

Additional Roof Height

If you require a little more head room from the standard 2.0m roof height than the options to increase the roof are worked in 200mm increments eg 2.2, 2.4, 2.6.

Offroad Suspension

If you have any intention of getting off the pavements or require additional ground clearance we have an independent suspension solution for you.

Aluminium Floor (reduced tare weight)

If you require maximum payload from your trailer the addition of an aluminium floor over the standard steel floor can reduce the trailers tare weight considerably giving you more weight to play with.

Double Fold Ramps

If you have a low clearance vehicle a double fold rear ramp can be a handy addition to reduce the ramp loading angle.

Exterior Drawer

If you like to spend your time outside of the trailer instead, external drawers are the perfect space saving solution. Have your Sink, Cooktop, Bench etc readily available on demand with minimal fuss or additional setup.