Off the Production Line

Quality comes standard with all of Coastline's enclosed trailers. Contact us to check what's available from our stock.

Elegant Engineering

We seen it all and done it all, if you can think of something new then we're more than happy to hear it.

Size Matters

Regardless of your application, here at Coastline Trailers we can build a custom hauling solution to suit your needs.

Behind you all the way

Quality products and workmanship aren't the only things that make Coastline Trailers the best custom toy-haulers in the industry. Our creative and enthusiastic team are constantly brain-storming new idea's to improve our products usability and comfort.

Here are just a few of our listed options:
  • 12v solar panels and lighting
  • 240v AC power points and lighting
  • Reverse Cycle Air-conditioners
  • Sectioned sleeping areas
  • Tri-axle setups
  • Additional walls, windows, doors ect
  • Remote workshops: Generator, compressor ect.
  • Custom built up to 12m length and 4.5t ATM
  • Whether you need a home-away from home, transport for your pride and joy or just something to throw the bikes in and take the family away for the weekend, Coastline Trailers can build a tailored fit for you.

    Interested about what Coastline Trailers can build for you?

    There are just so many options available when it comes to designing a quality enclosed trailer. Talk to one of our trailer fabrication team members today about building your ideal toy hauler.